About The Project

We design and build benches to build the character necessary to build community.  

The Building Hero Project is Public Workshop’s young adult community design leadership program.  The Building Heroes are a group of young designers/craftsmen /do-gooders.   This incredible project began in the spring of 2013 and the Building Heroes have been fabricating benches and are aiming to start a buy-a-bench, give-a-bench program.  By designing and selling these fantastic benches, the Building Heroes grow as people so they can better give back to their community.  In this way, they are better able to act as leaders in other Public Workshop projects.

The group meets Tuesdays and Sundays at the Department of Making + Doing in West Philadelphia.

Who’s on the team?

James Bonney is currently driving a tractor and living in a yurt in Davis, CA on a fellowship. He’s a skateboarder and the team’s official illustrator.

Mike Darfler is a carpenter and expert laser cutter.  In the Building Heroes team, Mike is the head fabricator.  He also likes Ithaca, Subarus with curtains, and biochemistry.

Alexa Eddy is a junior at Science Leadership Academy.  Alexa is the team’s communications specialist.  She also enjoys horror books and cooking.

Wynn Geary is a junior at Science Leadership Academy and an intern at PlusUs.  He is a graphic designer/chicken farmer/bee keeper.

Alex Gilliam is the Cheerleader of Possibility. He races bicycles, takes his waffle iron everywhere, and has a cat named Jelly.

Ila Kumar is a senior at Germantown Friends School.  She is our amazing fundraiser/resident people person.  Ila likes eating chocolate chip waffles and wearing party pants.

Kimi Marriot is sophmore in graphic design at the University Of The Arts. She lives in New Jersey and drives ridiculous distances to be a part of the team.

Meghan Talarowski is a recent graduate from the University of Pennsylvania with a masters degree in landscape architecture. She likes milkshakes with two straws and making pies slash pizzas for the building heroes.

Coby Unger is a senior at Philadelphia University studying industrial design who also owns his own business making wooden glasses.  In his spare time, he enjoys fixing chairs, baking pies, and taking long walks on the beach.


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